Look at them go


Put it this way: that candle hurtling through the darkness
Hot air now joy-fuel
That’s you 


Maybe there is nothing more 
Than driving in the middle of the night
(You are any age, all ages) 
A song that means something leaking out 

And if you are with someone, they are perfect
(any someone, all someones)
This time (all times)
a speeding firecracker of 


Maybe there is nothing more 
Than that (most resistant rebel) fire in your chest 
Because no matter where/who/what/when tries 
It never never never never 
Goes out 

                                                                                                          Zachery Green

                                                                                             Dionna Daniel + Paola Pilnik

  • I’m always on the beach these days
    my long wet hair on my back

    I see women in seaside saloons
    Eyes begging for the oceans silent sanctuary 
    Maybe fish will understand their salt sorrow better
    than rough husbands tired from scraped livings

    Sometimes I see mermaids, too
    and their song seems to look 
    as the waves sound in the place
    Between sleep and awake

    They kiss each other with a harmony of breasts
    and the pounding of saltwater veins is soft and sharp
    Harsh and gentle 
    as my lover who slaps and kisses in the dark
    Or the child murmuring in sleep
    One hand on her soft belly and the other
    Clenched against the dawn

                                                                                                    Ray Evans + Kim Young
  • Waiting to get out of the car in the idling driveway
    I’m not afraid of not seeing you again anymore
    I guess the ache is more familiar now
    Like when I stopped noticing my dad’s empties 
    Or the sound of the train we used to announce as an event 
    There’s a place in my sweater lining chest 
    just for it
    That I like to examine every now and then 
    Gently grazing the edges of your missing
    Until it feels good